Create your fashion

You the consumer will be able to order any piece of clothing from any designer(s) you choose. You will also be able request designers to make your own personal clothing apparel. You will be able to use this website to give exact specifications on what you will need our talented designers to create for you.

Passion that leads to prosperity

We at believe in following your dreams and igniting your passion. We want to inspire our customers to achieve greatness and look good while doing it. We urge  you to push your talents, work  hard, get paid and ultimately  create your own happiness. Once you have created
your own happiness help  someone else find theirs. Make a difference in other peoples lives because you can. You are  unique and your fashion should be too. We believe not only in you but in others as well. Lets work together in creating a better world.

About us

We are a marketing platform for professional and up and coming designers to showcase their clothing designs online.  We use digital marketing and Advertising to promote the Primal Brand as well as each designers own personal Brand. Primal will focus on providing affordable industry leading fashion apparel to consumers in local and international markets.  Primal promotes and encourages every designers own individual style.

Primal fully believes in prudent and professional business operations. We believe by creating a sustainable and trustworthy brand consumers will be confident and satisfied with each and every purchase. Primal aims to promote ethical business practices as well as be a beacon for social change that will make a difference in the fashion industry.Primal will work in perfect synergy by utilizing Designers, Photographers and Models in an effort to create exposure for each and every branch of the fashion industry.