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Iwe at  Elorium.co believe that each and every woman is able to bring out a beauty the eye has not yet seen . Passionate and strong with the drive to change the world. Every woman as if a precious stone, Priceless in there own unique way. Sought after and cherished, protected and admired. Primal.co was created to help every woman rediscover that sense of  self worth. we strive to  provide you with clothes that will enhance the perfection already instilled in you.  We at Primal.co want to help facilitate your creativity and passion. we encourage  you to follow your dreams, seek out adventure and ultimately find your purpose. Primal.co believes very strongly that Woman wear there clothes,they are not worn by there clothes. We aim to promote ones character as well as there appearance. Primal.co believes in you we hope you will believe in us…

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